Dr. Beautiful offers professional skin care that combines the best of medical science and nature.

The key to a more youthful appearance lies in the skin.  Dr. Stephanie Gafford’s years of experience provides individualized care for any skin type offering a variety of treatments for reducing facial wrinkles, improving skin tone, eliminating acne spots and mask of pregnancy, getting rid of spider veins, reducing acne, increasing lip volume and more.

Dr. Stephanie Gafford has a comprehensive, individual approach to each patient’s skin care evaluation and daily maintenance.  Based on your skin type and condition, as well as your lifestyle and goals, she will prescribe a tailored skin care regimen with professionally prescribed products that are right for you.  Through the synergistic use of prescribed products and treatments, the vitality of the skin is restored.


Schedule a skin consultation today and discover how we can help improve the health of your skin.  To find out more about our skin care services, visit the links provided above.  If you would like to schedule a skin care consultation, you may do so by calling (931) 433-6871.